My thoughts on writing, books, reading and folklore.

Covent Garden and William's Ghost

Last week I promised the letter 'C', and so I'm taking you to Covent Garden for one of London and Britain's many ghost stories. Who doesn't love a tale o' ghosts? I've loved them ever since my grandmother used to scare me rigid with ghost stories. I could only have been four years old. She had the knack for telling them too. Right proper creepy. But it’s not just about there being a haunting I like. I love the whole history of the haunting, who they were and why they might not be able to pass; if indeed pass is what we do. They're a story of place and people, of there being something on the edge that we only catch a glimpse of; that in our wisdom, we don't know everything. So... Covent Garde

Boscastle and a Pagan Place

The letter 'B', and I so want to live in Boscastle. Have done ever since I was lucky enough to be taken there by my wife for a holiday nearby. I was ill at the time with poor mental health, but the atmosphere of the place is like a natural remedy that calms and soothes the being. It’s in the air. A magickal place, special even in Cornwall. Boscastle’s a small village and port, nestled down in a steep valley that follows the River Valance. It has places to eat, shops to wander and rock pools to explore. Great for lovers of folklore too. From the ghosts that haunt the harbour and its houses, to primal waters that flood down off the moors to devastating effect, and then of course there's the fa

The Art of Folklore

Today I start off my alphabetic tour of folklore and its influence on me with the letter 'A'. At first I struggled with what to write. Not for lack of choice. I was drawn by the lure of Avebury’s prehistoric stones, its spectral medieval fairs and eerie singing; ghosts or a portal through time? Arthur too... But I touch on prehistory next week in a visit to Boscastle, and Arthur’s well covered. So instead I opted to give time to four current artists whose work is inspired by folklore, or reflects a more ghostly and fantastical aspect of this world and what might lie just beyond, on the edge of sight. Now I'm no art critic or student. This is simply a reflection of my awe at imagery these art

Folklore, Ghosts, and my Writing

In my humble opinion there’s naught quite so magic as the folklore and history of the Isles of Britain. Having spent a decade in Australia, I was taken aback upon my return by how much there actually is. Sometimes you have to be removed before you realise just how rich a land is. Every village, graveyard, church and chapel has a story.In woods and field you hear the echo of an ancient past, stumble on the remains of Iron Age forts or medieval castles, find sites of monasteries, the trappings of war and victory, defeat, loss. From ghostly hauntings to paranormal strangeness, ancient rites and a druidic past, it’s a place to love. Magical; Now I find it invades my writing. I really don’t mind.

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