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The Legend of Albine and her Sisters

Have you ever wondered where the name of Albion, as the Isles of Britain were once known, came from? No. Well I will tell you all the same. Albion, these isles were called in times of old. By the Greeks and the Romans, by those who sailed the seas before them. A mysterious place on the edge of civilisation, forever liminal, of blue-painted warriors, druids and giants where hang the mists of time. It is a place of folklore, white cliffs and monsters. A myth from the very beginning. But why Albion..? We could explore the etymology of the word and come up with two possibilities. That the root of the world originally meant ‘white’, handy given those famed cliffs, or it came from ‘the world above

Faery Folk

The letter ‘F’ and I struggled with what to write. Not for lack of folkloric things, I stress, but more for the plentiful abundance. There are foxes and flowers, fawns and folklore itself. What is it? Too philosophical... I thought about talking about the fili as a Celtic social role, the importance of poem and story – quite apt given I love writing. Or fog and fairyshot, a host more beside. In the end I opted to write about the Fae in their widest sense. A broad brushstroke on a magickal topic, so to speak, and what they mean to me. The Fae... Also called Faeries, Fairy, the Tuatha de Danaan, Sidhe, Shee, Daemons and Grey Folk, and so many more besides. Some will disagree they are even the

Donnington Castle

As a young man I lived in Newbury. It's where I used to drink myself silly, fell in love, had children and lived with the better part of me. It's a nice place. Pretty buildings and high street, walks along the canal and plenty of pubs and eateries. Besides the racecourse that pulls in a crowd, the town is the home of mobile telecoms, Vodafone founded there, and Highclere Castle is but a ten minute short drive down the road; famous now for Downton Abbey and on many a tourists’ hitlist to visit. But that’s kind of modern stuff. All within a couple of hundred years or less. My advice though, if you’re down this way, is to visit Donnington Castle. As a young man it was my favourite place to be.

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