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Of Taliesin and the Bards

A writer of words and a musician in the past, I find myself immensely proud of the role and function of bardic tradition in Celtic society. I've always been proud of it. As a child I was drawn to the Bard in Disney’s Robin Hood; the colour and vibrancy of the storyteller in these isles. It’s a role that is lauded in British history; the effects of Roman and Norman invasion unable to erase the importance of a storytelling past. To this day, we're a society that holds writers, artists and stories of all sorts in high esteem; if not of high reward at the current time. Consider this a short list; We have: The Bard of Armagh Martin Hearty The Bard of Avon William Shakespe

The Landscape that Inspired Nightjar

Over the last week and two I have released my first novel out into the world. 'Nightjar' is a literary fantasy set in a feudal future, where magic lives in the woods and a flooded world is become cruel. It is in part adventure, horror, and romance. A tale that draws inspiration from both future and past, uses the old adage of 'what will be has already been', and is given life by a landscape and history that still lives along the Greensand Ridge; in-between the village of Everton and town of Sandy. It is a place of low escarpment and wooded hill above a sea that once was. Long ago, in pre-history. When you walk the base of the ridge along the lie of an old Roman Road, it is easy to reimagine

AREA X: The Southern Reach Trilogy

Those who know me realise my reviews are less a blow by blow account of a book (I don't like giving things away), and more a consideration of my own thoughts on having finished a piece. Today I'm doing Sci-Fi - an unusual event in itself for me; usually sticking to weird literary and classics, fantasy in there too from time to time. But Sci-Fi? I'd never read VanderMeer before; in fact I'd never even heard of him before picking up 'Annihilation' on a whim in the library. I'm a sucker for covers that are a bit different; I know... Marketeer's dream. I'm glad I did. It was an inspired choice that led me on to read all three in the Southern Reach Trilogy; they being 'Annihilation', 'Autho

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