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"It's as if a soft hand lightly painted these words onto a piece of crumbling parchment paper and then left it there for you to find, very nearly at the end of time..."

- Online Book Club, Official Review of Magpie

I write.

I enjoy it and it keeps me sane; important as I am diagnosed with a strange mind. It makes life particularly colourful at times; a rare insight into the OtherWorlde perhaps. I like to think so.

Originally my writing focussed on dark tales, but in 2016 I believe I 'found' my writing-self when I penned the short story Magpie. In it I played with the idea of there being another place, where hope and other powers existed; of nature and magick.

And so I find my writing is taking me into the world of the Fae. A strange place indeed.

Do join me.

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