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Life of Maggot

A boy, the magic of the forest,
And the end of time.

Written during the second and third UK lockdowns, LIFE OF MAGGOT is a literary piece that explores the apocalyptic events that occurred prior to the societal period that Nightjar is set in.

A standalone prelude, so to speak.

Structured much as a work of old, in Chapter and Verse, it considers a breakdown of society and civilisation in broad brushstrokes, whilst pursuing the story of a child through these events in much finer detail, their experience of nature and magic within a world collapsing, Throughout, the piece was much inspired by medieval and historic images of old, and these are included for the reader to enjoy, providing life and a sense of realism to the piece. 

Genre: Literary, Apocalyptic, Magical Realism, Folklore

Released March 2021

Available on Amazon.



Is the first novel Paul chose to release. He was inspired to write it following the success of 'Magpie' and the Iron Age and Celtic landscape around where he lives in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

In a feudal future, two boys escape the strict boundaries of a cruel world to embark on an adventure along an old Roman Road. There they meet with Nightjar, a strange being who introduces them to the wonders of Man, Magick, Nature, and the promise of adventure and treasure in the town of Sandye.

Nightjar, though, is not all he seems.


As a fractious Search Party of strangely drawn characters hurry to rescue them, the boys are unwittingly drawn in by an ancient danger that is and was and always will be. The world is older and more dangerous than we think.

Genre: Fantasy, Folk Horror

Kindle eBook Released April 2018, Paperback Released May 2018

Available on Amazon.


76 and the Odd 93

Is the first novel Paul wrote. Fictitious, it's a dark piece inspired by his own experience of severe emotional, physical and mental abuse as a child. Starting it in 1993, it has taken him 25 years to write and finally feel happy enough to release.

'All things truly wicked start from an innocence.’

[Ernest Hemingway]

Strawberry ice cream and a glass eye, the smog of London and murderous intent. In this life, there are some monsters that hide out in the open.

Set in London and the beauty of a Cornish countryside, '76 and the Odd 93' is a dark, contemporary novel. At heart crime-noir and psychological horror, it includes elements of romance, dark humour and religious fantasy, in an exploration of how being a victim of physical, emotional and mental abuse as a child might transpose into the actions of an adult.

Is anywhere safe?

Genre: Psychological Horror, Crime, Noir

Released August 2018

Available on Amazon.

Short Story



A strange and ghostly tale set around Cockayne Hatley and Potton in Bedfordshire.


Published: August 2015

Available on Amazon.

Short Story Anthology

Dark Tales II


From the fun of a circus ride and a love of gold to a meal for two and a 'Votta-Vokky'. 


Published: May 2015

Available on Amazon.

Short Story Anthology

Dark Tales


A strange rabbit with death on its mind to a man with fading memories and the greatest ever bank robbery. 


Published: November 2014

Available on Amazon.

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