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New Realease - Life of Maggot

New Release
Feb 2021

Written during the second and third UK lockdowns, LIFE OF MAGGOT is an apocalyptic, folkloric, and literary piece inspired by medieval and historic images; it is also a prelude to the world of Nightjar. 

Available Online: Amazon

Author Interview - DreamSwarm Podcast

Author Podcast
Feb 2021

Interview with DreamSwarm about my writing methods and inspirations for 'Nightjar' and 'Life of Maggot'. Specifically looking at the grounding of my work in landscape, folklore and history. 

Available Online: DreamSwarm 

Life of Maggot - Manuscript Completion

Life of Maggot 
Feb 2020

Final edits of 'Life of Maggot' completed and I'm really pleased with this. A near-future apocalyptic piece (25,000 words) that explores how the world that Nightjar is set in came into being.

Currently Querying

Author Reading - The Writer Talks

Author Reading
Dec 2020

An author reading of 'Magpie' for the Writer Talks. The awful me doing the reading from out the shed.

Hosted by the ever wonderful Asha Kumar.  

Available Online: The Writer Talks 

Author Interview - The Writer Talks

Author Interview
Dec 2020

The wonderful Asha Kumar was lovely enough to have me on 'The Writer Talks' for a chat about 'Nightjar' and my writing.  

Available Online: The Writer Talks 

76 and the Odd 93 - Novel Release

76 and the Odd 93 is released
Jul 2018

The first novel I wrote and 25 years in the making. A dark, fictitious, and psychological crime-noir, inspired in part by my own experiences of physical, mental and emotional child abuse.

Available on Amazon: Click Here 

Nightjar - Novel Release

Nightjar is released
May 2018

A novel inspired by the voice of 'Magpie', it explores the dark quest for eternal love. For lovers of folk-horror, fairytales and folkloric fiction.

Available on Amazon: Click Here 

The New Me (Or Not)

New Website
Dec 2016

I have taken the plunge and updated my website. My reason being is, I think this new style is more akin to me in terms of my writing style, voice and genre. 

Explore and have fun.

Follow the Rabbit - Inside the Bell Jar

Short Story News
Sep 2016

I'Follow the Rabbit' has been selected by 'Inside the Bell Jar' to feature in their latest issue. Inside the Bell Jar is a literary journal that fronts up to the (sometimes) scary reality of mental health.


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