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DreamSwarm & an Author Interview

It's been a long time since I wrote my blog.

Longer than a long time, a weekly habit that I need to revive and breathe life back in to. A lot's happened. Positive reviews and increased recognition of 'Nightjar', author interviews, completion of my latest WIP - 'Life of Maggot' - and other writings still to be revisited - or not. But today I want to talk about DreamSwarm.

DreamSwarm is an initiative of UK filmmaker Andy Simpson. It celebrates the work of filmmakers, artists, storytellers and poets, whose work explores the liminal space that is folklore, folk-horror, magical-realism and urban fantasy. It's a broad church, one that allows artists to play free with the old Gods and nature, and Andy aims to bring like minds together in a shared interest. It's a wonderful initiative. One that I'm proud to support in the form of an author interview with Andy on a DreamSwarm Podcast recorded in February 2021. In this interview we explore my writing methods in 'Nightjar' and the influence of history, landscape, folklore and more.

So, please do support DreamSwarm.

Visit the website, explore content, listen to podcasts, and connect with artists in this arena. The more the merrier.


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