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The Zealot's Bones (by D.M. Mark)

Well this was a strange one for me. At times it dropped to a 2 star, then rose up to a 4 star and then ended overall as a 3 star for me. How to explain?

At the beginning there was a bit too much 'tell' and not enough 'show'. This made the book difficult to read for me. It was kind of like being preached to by a preacher who desperately wants to be believed, but who isn't always convincing. But the writing was good, if bloody dark. Then when the 'show' took over it improved immensely. Although the dark continued. A bit too much at times. It didn't let up. I liked a couple of the characters - the main ones - Stone and Matheson. They grew on me. The plot was kind of obvious - bar the love of Lady Ansell - and there were some continuity problems that irked. It felt like it needed another read-through and edit in a couple of places, but overall it held my attention and I kind of enjoyed it by the end. Did I say it was dark? It is... Don't read it if you're depressed or suicidal; it's not a pick you up.

Painting by the artist David Bez

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