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Fallout (2024) : A Review of Sorts (No Spoilers)

I played the first Fallout game back in the day and loved it, so I was quietly looking forward to this adaptation of the game to telly. That said, I was also apprehensive.


Because the migration of successful game to television is often (at best) hit and miss, and more often than not a pretty awful miss. That said, I was intrigued by the pre-show advertising. The ghoul looked cool, the mechanised armour was 'Wow!', and the attention to detail around costume and scenery looked spot on. I also thought it was a good - perhaps brave - decision to cast a female lead rather than a Fallout Boy. It might work, but so too might it bring out the ire of gamers, the right wing, and misogynists quick to point out a huge deviation to the game; a bit like what happened to 'The Rings of Power'.

I needn't have worried. It was brilliant. Truly.

The storyline (which I will not enlighten on) was rounded and worked in keeping with the game. It was dark and funny, a shoutout to the clean innocence and cruelty of the 1950s with a soundtrack to die for, whilst at the same time making me squirm at the squeamish bits, of which there are many. And then there was the casting. They were all good, with an intertwined triptych of storylines to follow - past and present - but a real shoutout has to go out to the two lead roles of Lucy Maclean and Maximus played to perfection by Ella Purnell and Aaron Moten. They captured everything that was right about the game.

It was kitsch. Gruesome.



And genius.

If there's one show you watch for entertainment in 2024, a chance to switch off and enjoy the surreal, make it Fallout. It was brilliant. An easy double-thumbs up from me.

Animated Fallout Boy in front of Nuclear Shelter
Take Cover.


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