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Fields of Grace - A Book Review of Sorts

I used to read ravenously.

All the time.

Now, since my brain went weird and I had a few mental breakdowns, I think I'm up there as one of the slowest readers in the world. A proper tortoise. I suppose it's why I've never read any of my own work. Anyway, that aside, I started reading FIELDS OF GRACE by Wendy Waters a while back and I finished it this week. I absolutely loved it.

Now I try never to give much of anything away in my 'Book Reviews of Sorts' and that will stay the same. All I will say is that this book is a 1930s romance - and a tragedy of sorts - set against the backdrop of London's theatre set at the time.

It is told with an open innocence of voice that, for me, captured the 1930s perfectly - a voice that reminded me often of Du Maurier, Christie and other authors of that time. Moving across Europe from London, against a backdrop of Parisian freedom and burgeoning facism in Germany, it explores love, sexuality, and an innocence of time that is unlikely to be recaptured. Besides the story being expertly crafted, the knowledge and research that has gone into the building of the theatrical world of the time is immense. Throughout my reading, and as a lover of history, I constantly found myself disappearing off down rabbit-holes to further explore the real life characters and places Wendy Waters features in the tale.

It was doubly fascinating as a result.

A fantastic read with a wonderful voice, an easy five stars for me.

You can discover more about Wendy Waters through: Twitter @wa_waters or at


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