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On Reading, Writing, and Watching

Time I reinvigorated the blog.

It's been awhile.

Being a recluse - and indeed having become even more reclusive over the last couple of years - I guess I was struggling with content. Indeed, my mind has made it difficult to read too, and so book reviews dried up. Now, with the onset of 2022 and all we've all been through with Covid, lockdowns, and the like, I think it's time to start anew. Push this old soul back out into the world and hopefully put some smiles on faces.

I figured I'm still not likely to get out much - though when I do, I will share - and so I will blog about my writing, my reading, and my watching.

You see I am writing. Sort of.

I'm not entirely sure what it's about, the characters being secretive, and unveiling the piece slowly and in parts, but it's a fantasy. There are certainly Dark Elves in it, lots of ice and the scuttling of a White Ship; seven sisters too - witches or goddesses? - I don't know - and gunpowder. I really like the beginning. Some of the best stuff I've written. But even as I've progressed through 20,000 words, I am still none the wiser. Regardless, I will share my progress from time to time, perhaps including some words and artwork that I like.

The White Ship - Screams - Inspired by Opening Chapter

And I'm reading.

Sort of.

The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. I tried reading it when I was about 14, but was far too young to appreciate it. Now I'm using it as a form of research for my fantasy, and thoroughly enjoying it too. I'm actually doing quite well, reading about five pages a day - which is a huge amount for my brain - so hopefully it will continue on after I finish the Silmarillion. If it does, I will write reviews and post them here.

And watching. Lots of. Films and TV Series. I know it might not be the same as reading books, but it's what my brain can cope with - it can take 2-3 days to watch a film. So I figured I'd share my thoughts on what I watch here, with you. It's a range of genres, but mainly edging on the weirder, darker side of things. Series like Britannia and the Peaky Blinders, The Umbrella Academy, Locke and Key, and The Witcher; films that tend towards folk-horror, sci-fi and fantasy.

As ever, I'm sure my love of folklore, history, art and such will shine on through.

I will try to post a new post weekly; Aught be able. And hopefully you will join me.


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