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Peaky Blinders - Late to the Party, But Just in Time...

Okay. I admit it.

I'm one of those people who often shirks watching a hit series or film simply because it's popular. I don't know why. Stupid really. I did exactly that with Peaky Blinders. More fool I. It's brilliant.

To be fair, I had tried watching it once before but wasn't in the mood for a period piece. I watched less than an episode then. But six weeks ago I'd exhausted my watch list - having just finished watching Stranger Things (for exactly the same foolish reasons - I will do a blog piece) - and thought I'd give the Peaky Blinders another go.

Glad I did.

Yeah. Tommy. (*)

It's a great idea. following the criminal rise of the Shelby Clan under the charismatic Tommy Shelby; from post-WWI back street bookies in Birmingham in series one, all the way through to the Corridors of Power by series 5. I love that it gives voice to this oft overlooked city, the darkness of factory streets, and the travelling community. It pulls in storylines from religious conflict in Ireland, competition from London, the rise of modern political ideology, and colourful characters that are at once good and bad, evil, corrupt, lawful, cruel and funny. At the moment I'm up to season 5 and Oswald Mosely and the Billy Boys are introduced; it's good, and the final season has just started in the UK. So as late to the party as I am, I haven't missed last orders. Saying that, so far, the best seasons for me are 1 and 2, simply because of how truly evil Sam Neil (yes, the nice man from Jurassic Park) is. One of the best lawful-evil characters I've ever seen.

But then there's Tom Hardy too...


It's a show that keeps you guessing.

Watch it.

Easy five stars. Great cinematography, attention to historic detail, amazing soundtrack, and some of the best of British there is. (**)

(*) If you do watch Peaky Blinders, you'll know. (**) Finished Season 5, so now I know why the excitement for the Final Season; and it sure as hell ain't disappointing!


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