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Spring Forward...

Spring is here (allegedly) and it's time for me to awake from my winter slumber, my hibernation, and kickstart a more regular blog write for 2024. I do admit to feeling rusty as another year creeps by and I welcome the age of 55. That's beginning to get up there now, isn't it. My body tells me it is, even if my mind stays at an evergreen mental age of around four-and-a-half.

What to write?

In the coming weeks I'll likely post a review of 11.22.63 having just finished watching the television adaptation of Stephen Kings novel. And I've nearly finished reading Circe by Madeline Miller, which (so far) has blown me away. It's genius. Beyond that, I'm not sure. Perhaps some weird wander in a local village, a walk to the peacocks, or some ghostly adventure, if I can battle the head and defeat the reclusiveness.

Today though...

I think maybe the coming of spring taken from 'LIFE OF MAGGOT'...

Time is forever a strange thing, the moreso for being on Peg's Hill. There, it seems to Maggot, a day is a month, month an hour, and long seasons float leisurely by, yet are too quick to recall. In no time the cold does turn to warm and spring rain falls. All about leaf blossoms, explodes into life. The brightest greens fill branch of oak, elm, beech and more, return the world to life. Ivy creeps clever, climbs trunk, the twisted root, and grass makes carpet anew, afresh. Ferns flourish thick, dark the colour, signs of healthy soil, and briar, bramble, nettle's sting do stretch and flex anew. Then, when all is green, other colours join in the dance. Small bud and pretty flower, flecks of paint on a wooded canvas.
White First.
A maid as bows her hooded head.

Blanzifiore (Snowdrops) by Dante Gabriel Rosetti (1880)
Blanzifiore (Snowdrops) by Dante Gabriel Rosetti (1880)

Until my next blog piece enjoy the coming of spring, and may the Gods of Chocolate Eggs bless you with a bountiful harvest.


If there's a topic you'd like me to consider in a blog, a book you think I really need to read and review, or a TV Series you think I'd enjoy (and you'd like me to include it in my blog) drop me a line and let me know.


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Thank you.

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