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Weird in the Wade - A Brilliant Podcast

Podcast...? I'd never listened to a podcast until this year. Up to now my listening routine featured football commentary on the weekend, old albums on my iPod (yes - I still use mine - I love it), and my wife. I do listen to my wife. Always. Though it doesn't often go in. But this year, prompted by my interest in the ghosts of Potton Wood, I listened to my first ever podcast by the newly launched Weird in the Wade.

And it's brilliant.

Produced, scripted, researched and voiced by Nat Doig, I'm so pleased she's done this. It's all based around where I live - in Biggleswade, Potton, Sandy and the surrounding areas of Central Bedfordshire. Drawn in by the Potton Wood episode - in which I feature, as my blog post prompted Nat to investigate those ghostly goings on. The episode about Potton Wood is wonderful, with Weird in the Wade experiencing something unusual in the wood, and subsequently unearthing a trove of fascinating social history, Fortean events, and forgotten times. Wonderful. I highly recommend a listen. And I've not missed an episode since.

But it's not all ghostly.

A recent three-part episode - 'The Potton Poisoner' - explores the very real case of Sarah Dazley. Sarah was the only woman to be hanged at Bedford Gaol, and some have labelled her the first female serial killer in the UK. Honestly, the research and scripting that's gone into exploring events, poisons, trials, locations, and more by Nat, is as fascinating as it is illuminating. But there are episodes on ghosts too, with the promise of haunted pubs this Halloween, UFOs, and more. Indeed, the latest episode is all about Big Cats in Bedfordshire and as ever the research is daunting.

Honestly, if you're going to give a podcast a listen, try Weird in the Wade.

I can't recommend it enough.



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