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The Madness of Writing: Inside the Bell Jar

This week I’d like to raise awareness of...

‘Inside the Bell Jar’

A literary journal and brave new venture, this online journal aims to deliver an honest and, at times, quite harrowing insight into the complexities, range and challenges of mental illness. Released quarterly by Editor Sami Clara, it brings together the stories, poems and art of creatives who suffer from mental illness, or who are affected by and close to sufferers of mental illness.

This makes for raw reading, but also some quite eye-opening and brilliant storytelling...

As a sufferer of mental illness (a whole hotchpotch of disorders) I only found out about the initiative through chance. Having braved the library, I had not had a good day; I did leave my body, lost my vision and had to scuttle home, the bones in my arms and legs being twisted (or so it seemed).

I complained on Twitter, irreverently, and Sami Clara dropped me a line saying... ‘It sounds like you have a story to tell’ ... and so I submitted:

‘Follow the Rabbit’.

Please do check the journal out and give it and Sami your support. She’s a brave girl, as are all the people involved, and I’m incredibly proud my story features.

Lets keep on writing through the madness...

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