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A Place

There is a place in the forest.


Once found, forever lost.

I found it.


A Place in the Forest - Image by Paul Jameson

A place the wisest never leave. Forever they live there, beyond touch of time. Eternally asleep, fore’er awake, they ponder woes of Man and know there the answers ‘fore ever a question is asked. ‘Tis magick of the Gods, of Immortals, gifted them as were once like you and me; man, woman, boy and girl, as Gods now to t’ Tribes of Man. Sought out. Looked for. Prayed to. Images carved in likeness of spirit. Good and bad, cruel, evil, fair and of the foul, they are dark shadows as flutter brief on edge of dreams.





Spells as might break night and cast this world to light, or fore’er bury it in the darkness of a buried earth. Deep, where soft worms play. Wriggle. Writhe. Scent t’ air as is. Heavy and wet. A perfume as drips pretty and putrid, sweet, sickly, from t’ leaf of tree and feeds there the hope of Nature. Roots delve, trunks tower, branch would tickle sun and touch of moon, silver cast by light of stars. There, is a place in the forest.


Once lost, forever found.


And still my quest to find the next novel continues. I hope you enjoy this wee piece. Stay safe and be well.


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