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For Those Unaware, #INDIEAPRIL Is Upon Us

Where has the year gone?

April in 3 days.


And for those unaware, it means #INDIEAPRIL is upon us.

Consider this your wake-up call.

It all started in 2019 on Twitter, and although I was there at the beginning - well from the 2nd April in that year before COVID and lockdowns were even a thing - I don't recall much about how or who started it (*). What I can tell you though, is it's an opportunity for Indie Authors, via the #WRITINGCOMMUNITY on Twitter, to not only showcase wares and art, but also a time for Indie Authors, traditional artists, and the broader reading community to support one another.

In the past there has been a 'not-so-invisible' stigma against indie or self-published authors. However the landscape is changing. No longer do readers only associate quality and literary writing with traditional avenues and publishers. And it's true. There are many real gems of Indie Author works out there, especially so in lesser explored genres or around themes that traditional avenues, agents, and publishers are hesitant to touch - either because they deem there is no mainstream market and money in it, or because it is a sensitive area, theme, or unexplored literary adventure in a new direction. So for those new to Indie Authors... Explore;

Enjoy the Covers, Consider the Reviews,

And try out an Indie Author.

And for those that already do support the indie community... A huge THANK YOU!

So remember, join in with #INDIEAPRIL on Twitter from the 1st to the 30th April. Enjoy some art and artists you might otherwise not have heard of or considered and, I believe, you will be pleasantly surprised. Indie Writers, flex those muscles and prepare to get involved!

(*) Who Started Indie April? If there is a post about the history of its formation, or you know how it all came about, please let me know. Surely it should be recorded for posterity.


And as an Indie Author, links to my major pieces are available below: I know. Marketing. Hateful thing; Anathema to the reclusive writer!


If there's a topic you'd like me to consider in a blog, a book you think I really need to read and review, or a TV Series you think I'd enjoy (and you'd like me to include it in my blog) drop me a line and let me know. I also don't apologise for sharing my political views. Finally. If you do buy my books. Thank you. And please let me know what you think. Get in touch on Twitter too. I'm always there (I'm a writer, you see).


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